Tiny Lady, Big World

One country at a time.


I sometimes quip that the best part of living in London was how easy it was to get out of London. Perhaps I jest, but sometimes it felt like more time was spent in nearby cities and countries than in my admittedly mediocre Bermondsey flat.

So despite skipping the occasional quants tutorial, I finished my Masters degree, held down a part-time job and an internship, and visited 16 countries in 10 months.

And guess what? You too, can do this! Yes, you with the student loan debt drinking a £1.69 can of Red Stripe in the basement of your building while procrastinating reading about Habermas! In each post, I’ll outline relevant costs and practical tips that I used to make my trips not only fun, but affordable.

I must of course preface this with the fact that living in London – a massive travel hub with lots of airports and low-cost carriers – made my frequency of travel far more attainable than if I had been based in, say, Iceland.

So stick around for the ride, and keep reading.

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